Senin, 26 September 2016

What it was like to work for Marissa Mayer

In the least surprising news of 2016, Yahoo is selling its core business to Verizon for a sad $5 billion. Everyone knew this was coming  -  but for some reason, the headlines keep blaming Marissa.  

Jelena Woehr From 2010 to 2014, I was a Yahoo. I worked for the purple mothership from a satellite office in Denver consisting almost entirely of Yahoos brought in through the acquisition of Associated Content, where I worked from 2009-2010. I've lost count, but I think I worked for five CEOs at Yahoo. I started with Carol Bartz, and left during Marissa Mayer's tenure. Jelena Woehr I'm not interested in debating why Yahoo couldn't turn around. But, in a month rife with headlines like these, I wanted to talk a little bit about what it was like for me to work for Marissa Mayer as one of 14,000 people in a huge organization, many levels down from the CEO. Jelena Woehr Turnstiles and self-esteem Working far from headquarters, I kept up with corporate news at Yahoo via Yahoo! Messenger (that was before Marissa axed the punctuation in the company's name), chatting mostly with other community managers working on other products. On the day Marissa was announced as Yahoo's new CEO, there was a collective fluttering of excitement like nothing I'd ever felt in my time at the company. Overnight, it seemed like we collectively developed self-esteem.

Taiwan asks Google to blur images of South China Sea island

Taiwan's defence ministry has asked Google to blur images of a new development believed to be for military use on a disputed South China Sea island.